7 Ways to Overcome Having No Relevant Experience

The most common problem entry level job applicants have in finding their first job is that most positions, even positions listed as entry level positions claim that they require or prefer at least 1 – 3 years of relevance experience.

But then if most all jobs require some relevant experience, how do you get that first relevant experience?

You start by considering what the employer is actually looking for. What do they really want? The employer wants to find a person who has the ability to do the work, perhaps with some training or supervision and who will present themselves in a professional manner. That’s it. As long as you offer those two things, you are still in the running, despite what the job description may have you believe.

The hiring manager is trying to make the best hire they can so that they look good to their boss.

So if you have no experience, focus on proving that you can do the work and that you are reliable.

1. Provide the hiring manager with a resume or portfolio of relevant work you completed in college or high school or on your own.

2. Provide glowing references from teachers, mentors or coaches to prove that you are reliable, a fast learner and hard working.

3. Focus on your skills. Include the required skills for the position on your resume and mention them if you get called in for an interview.

4. Include the skill: the ability to learn new [insert type of task] quickly. For instance; the ability to learn new software applications quickly.

5. Take some skills tests offered in the relevant skills needed for the job and present your results.

6. Get relevant certifications to the required work.

7. Follow up with the hiring manager after submitting your resume, the day of the interview and after the stated decision date. You can use the three follow up email templates you should always send as a starting point to quickly create powerful emails. A follow up phone call a few days after the interview and after submitting your resume is a good idea as well.

That’s how you can make a powerful case for your self as a qualified candidate to do a job in which you have no professional experience.

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