Advantages of Going Remote – For Employees and Employers

For Employees:

No Commute

No commute means 1-2 extra hours per day to do what ever you want, rather than time spent stuck in traffic.

Fewer Distractions

No water cooler gossip, clicking of keyboards or chatter from the next cubicle to distract you.

More Freedom

No one monitoring how you dress, sit or act in your work area. Do what makes you comfortable.

You Can Take Care of Family at Home

Have an aging parent or young child who needs someone in the house with them? Working remotely makes that possible.

You Can Travel While Working

Want to work from the beach for a month? What about spending another month visiting your sister? If there’s an internet connection and phone service, it’s in bounds for remote workers.

No Risk of Catching a Virus From Co-Workers

Avoid colds, the flu, covid-19 and what ever other germs could be floating around the office by working from home.

For Employers:

Lower Rent

Reduce the amount of office space you need to rent by allowing some employees to work from home.

Lower Liability

If employees are not in your office, some types of liability are reduced.

Larger Talent Pool

Hire from a global, regional or national talent pool rather than just those who live in your city.

Lower Electric and Utility Bills

With fewer employees in the office, less internet bandwidth, electricity, water and other utilities are needed.

Fewer Sick Days

If your staff aren’t around each other, it’s less likely that many workers will get sick at the same time because they won’t spread their sickness to each other.

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