Working a Performance Based Remote Job While Going to College

It’s tough to work a job and go to school at the same time. But, you can balance that workload with a performance based remote job. By finding a performance based remote job which judges you not on the specific hours you work, but based on what you produce, you will be in a situation where you can set your own schedule and work the hours you choose, which will then allow you to go to class and study when you need to.

A performance based remote job may require you to produce a certain number of written articles per week, if you are a performance based writer. Or it may require you to make a certain number of marketing outreaches or partnerships per month if you are a performance marketer.

If you are a developer, it may require you to produce certain software or features within a certain time frame.

Working a performance based job will get you in the habit of thinking in terms of performance and will give you the metrics with which you can write a performance based resume. Showing the impact and results you achieved at a specific company on your resume will make you stand out to recruiters in future jobs.

If you have skills that allow you to do the type of remote job that could be performance based, you can apply for the job and negotiate a performance based, time flexible agreement with your employer.

The number of remote jobs offered by employers grows each year because remote work reduces the cost of office space, increases the size of the talent pool and gives workers for time with their families.

And remote companies usually prefer workers who already have some remote work experience. So if you can graduate college with this remote experience already on your resume, you can give yourself a leg up.

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