Client Growth Manager – Leadable

We specialise in opening doors for SME’s and startups with senior decision-makers in large organizations. We practice quality over quantity and run low volume, highly personalized outbound sales campaigns on behalf of our clients.

As the majority of our clients are based in Europe and USA, your working hours will be based around these timezones. However, this is a fully remote role and we accept applicants globally.

The role is a mixture of sales development, marketing and account management. We currently have two positions vacant for this role and are actively looking to fill both now.

Main Responsibilities

  • Act as point of contact and Account Manager for your client portfolio and handle all onboarding, strategy sessions, reporting and renewal / upsell opportunities.
  • Execute and manage all outbound sales sequences on behalf of your client portfolio. The primary element of these campaigns is hyper-personalization to each contact so you will spend approx. 50% of your time writing unique messages to each prospect in the campaigns based on public information you can find about them online.
  • Breaking through the noise of outbound sales by leveraging video, LinkedIn and other platforms.

You Will Be Good At This If

  • You consider yourself to be a good copywriter (English language).
  • You genuinely pay attention to detail (how you apply will tell us this immediately).
  • Innovative ways to capture the attention of prospects with outbound sales excite you and you actively seek them out (how you apply will also tell us this immediately).
  • You have good interpersonal skills and can present yourself professionally* on a Zoom call or in a video pitch to a cold prospect.

*This is not about wearing a tie. It means being able to lead a Zoom meeting with a CEO or Director with confidence.

Minimum Requirements

  • Fluent English speaker with excellent English writing skills.
  • At least three years sales or marketing experience with a track record of being promoted (if you have neither, but you have a good story as to why, we will listen to it).
  • Experience working with startups or SME’s where you had to adapt to change on a regular basis.
  • Tech literate – you should like, and be very comfortable with, technology.
  • High emotional intelligence, your point of contact with clients will usually be CEO’s and Sales Directors.
  • All of the other generic traits you see in job descriptions; motivated, self-starter etc.
  • Aligned to our Core Values.

What We Would Love To See

  • Experience with writing copy for outbound sales which was personalized.
  • Experience with working as part of a remote team for a sustained period of time.
  • Experience with outbound sales tech platforms.

What We Offer

  • Competitive pay (50/50 split between and performance based commission).
  • Flexible working location. We are 100% remote.
  • Flexible working hours (dependent on your clients timezone).
  • Opportunities for growth within the company – somebody will need to lead this function as it grows.
  • A positive and open work environment in a young and ambitious global agency.

To apply, please send your CV and a brief cover letter explaining why you would be a good fit for this role to  with the words ‘Client Growth Manager’ in the email subject.

Generic applications will not be considered for this role (nor should they be for any role). This role is all about breaking through the noise, your application should reflect this.