WordPress Developer (full-time, remote)

WP Runner is a friendly Australian-based WordPress support business. We build and support many Australian WordPress websites. We are currently looking for a remote WordPress Developer to join our team on a full-time basis. This person will help us support our clients with many WordPress tasks from small fixes all the way up to full builds. In a nutshell – we need someone who can work on highly customised WordPress websites for a guaranteed monthly salary. In return we’ll look after you and do our best to support your growth. We will make you feel like a real part of our team and teach you everything we know about WordPress and web development. Must have:

  • Knowledge of WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML – knowing code is important since you’ll be required to write code to extend the functionality of plugins and themes
  • Basic knowledge of cPanel, PHPMyAdmin and FTP is also helpful so please mention it if you have experience there
  • Good written English is important too since you’ll be required to write short email replies to reply to our clients

An example of the type of work you might do is, fix a broken mobile menu in less than 30 minutes. That includes logging in to the client’s website, working out what the problem is, fixing it, testing your fix and then responding to the client using our support desk software. We need someone with a good level of attention to detail so if you are interested in this role please add the words “WP Rockstar” somewhere in your application. Please also send us a few samples of your previous work and a short explanation of why you think you would be a good fit for our team and your expected salary requirements. We are looking for WordPress developers with an intermediate level of WordPress experience (2-5 years). Note: This role is not basic theme installing. You will be required to write your own custom code for WordPress. We are really looking forward to reading your application!