Remote Outreach Marketing Team Member Needed – U.S. Residents ONLY (20-29 Hrs/wk)

We are looking to add a motivated, part-time (20 to 29 hours a week) fully remote outreach marketing member to our growing team. You will be working on the marketing team to help promote our two websites that help Americans find the best internet connection for their home. If you’re looking to learn about marketing, we will teach you or if you have experience, we will help you learn our process. We will provide all the training you need to succeed and we welcome all applications. This is NOT a sales or telephone work job.  Typical Day: The position involves working through various digital outreach campaigns.  Emails are sent out to various blogs and informative websites and the responses come in via email to a number of inboxes. You will need to manage a number of inboxes ensuring that all messages are dealt with in a timely, professional manner. You will log in to your assigned email inboxes and manage the responses to them.  This is NOT sales, you will be promoting a link to one of our websites. Responses will range from a simple yes or no to specific requests for content to be written and submitted to their website.  We have a content team that will produce requested content/articles that talk about and promote our business and you will be responsible for editing and sending the articles for publishing.  This is a long-term, employee work-from-home opportunity. The hours for this position are flexible and you will be able to set your own schedule (with approval from your supervisor.)  Desired Skills & Qualifications:
As long as you have Native-level English skills and are ready to learn, have good time-management skills, an ability to work within a proven process, are organized, motivated and committed, then those are all the skills or qualifications we need.  The successful candidate will be:
  -Resilient nature and an ability to multitask.
  -Excellent time management skills due to the work-from-home nature.
  -Excellent in their organization skills.  -Great grammar and writing skills in American English.
  -Detail-oriented due to the nature of our reporting structures.
  -Motivated and driven by achieving personal and professional goals.
  -Ability to adapt to and work within proven processes and systems. 
  -Ability to make decisions quickly
  -Ability to adapt your communication style.
  -Ability to communicate instructions and guidelines clearly and concisely.
  -Comfortable with basic negotiation.
  -Comfortable working with new software and a willingness to learn.  Who Are We/What’s the culture like?
We are a small company of (33) fully remote workers. We’ve been remote since before COV-ID 19 and will remain so afterward. We are pretty laid back in the sense that we don’t want people that need to be micro-managed. We just want people who want to do a great job and who are willing to work within our processes. Management always has their virtual doors open so you can share concerns and new ideas. We communicate on Slack daily and even have a water-cooler channel that is specifically for NOT work. Communication on the water-cooler channel is voluntary and usually humorous. We also have a virtual high-five channel so that everyone can share their accomplishments or congratulate another on theirs.  

  • Salary and Benefits (This is set and NOT open to negotiation)(NO non-USA Residents should apply)
    This is a W2 Employee Position, which means you must be legally residing in AND authorized to work in the USA. Starting salary is $15 an hour paid weekly. At 3 months we will discuss promotion to the next tier. This is considered a part-time, 20-29 hours per week, position. Benefits include:  Paid time off (vacation, sick), and discounted wireless service. Paychecks are weekly via Direct Deposit. 

Frequently Asked Questions Are there advancement opportunities? Yes. We have 6 levels of this job, so there is opportunity for advancement.  Is it truly remote and flexible? Yes. There are NO shifts. Whatever works for you, night, day, early, late. You will need to coordinate your hours during training, and we have occasional virtual meetings scheduled in advance during the day, however, culturally, we are more focused on performance. After training, you will set up a schedule and If you are performing well, we will be happy. E.g. we have a few moms that work for us that have their schedule around the kids.  Is there any phone work involved? No.  Do you have to purchase anything or use special software? As long as you have a computer, a copy of Microsoft Office, and a strong Internet connection, you’re good to go. We use Slack, Google Sheets, and Trello for project management which the company pays for and gives you a login to use. The company does NOT provide the computer, Microsoft, nor internet.  What training do you need? The company will provide all the training needed via Zoom meetings, videos, and training manuals. Training is done remotely, on-the-job, and paid at the same rate.  How long does the training last? It just depends, there is no specific schedule, some people take longer than others to learn everything needed. It is usually about 2 weeks long. You will be paid for your training time.  What is the start date? We do not have a set date. First, we must screen the applicants, administer a Test Task, and then set up and complete the interviews. We are looking to fill this position quickly. 
 How is success/performance measured? By getting our links published.  Application Instructions Thank you for your interest in our position. Please complete the next step of the application by following the instructions below. Those that do not follow the instructions below will not proceed to the next step. Thank you in advance. 
Please submit your answers in the body of an email to that addresses the following points in order:
1. Please describe your experience with email communication – sales and marketing (if no     experience, tell me your experience that you think is relevant – life experience or other) 2. How many times do you check your email and messages per day? 3. How many hours per week are you available for this work? 4. Describe the last repetitive task you completed and how long you were working in that position. 5. Write the word “HANDS” in the subject line of your email. 6. What city, state, and time zone are you in? 7. Describe how you stay focused on the task at hand whilst being surrounded by all the distractions that come with working from home. What tools and processes do you use to help manage your time, focus, and productivity (i.e. to-do list, calendar apps, etc.)? 8. Describe where you would normally do your remote work. Is it your living room, a separate home office, a co-working space, Starbucks, etc.? Why do you choose to work online/remotely? 9. Give an example of a time you turned a “No” into a “Yes”. Successful negotiation is key to this role, so we want to know you have experience with this, in any area of your life. 10. Your boss messages you for a company-wide meeting and you aren’t available (e.g. you’re in an appointment) – how would you respond? 11. Any questions you have about the position? (Please ensure you have read the entire Job Ad before asking your questions, as the most common questions are answered here.) 
 Please number the sections of your application that correspond to each question.