Freelance Celebrity & Entertainment Writer (Remote) Surge

Freelance Celebrity & Entertainment Writer | Surge | North America |


  • An experienced celebrity and entertainment writer, and pop culture nut. You eat, sleep, and breathe celebrity gossip – even when you planned to switch that phone off.
  • 1-5 years writing experience in the celebrity or entertainment journalism field a must.
  • Are happy covering everything from Hollywood heavyweights and music A-Listers to trending reality stars, celebrity wives or girlfriends, feuds, rappers, and those headline-making Instagram updates.
  • Must speaks English at an idiomatic level and be able to write U.S. English for American audiences.
  • Bachelor’s degree from a U.S. institution preferred.
  • Have a keen eye for great social media images, which our custom CMS permits you to use.
  • Must be familiar with cropping images.
  • Words make you come alive. We aren’t looking for someone who can “kind of write.” We’re looking for smashing writers with stellar skills, perfect proofing practice, and the professional ability to turn a celebrity story into a major trending article. Note, we do not hire writers with zero experience.


We are Surge, a digital media technology company with a focus on helping publishers grow their audience. Your work will be published on celebrity media outlet The Blast, whom we are in partnership with. Please check out articles on before applying.


  • Crafting relevant, up-to-date articles on celebrity news and entertainment topics.
  • Creating fresh content, putting your own unique spin on articles, zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism.
  • Reliably sourcing and linking, fluent research skills, solid overall knowledge of the topic you’re covering.
  • Adhering to an AP style guide.
  • Accepting and applying feedback, alongside contributing semi-regularly to being a beta-tester for the platform, with your feedback helping us to optimize user experience.

You will work in our custom-made CMS, for which we provide clear and full training before you start. Likewise provided is a helpful style guide. Our team is also available to answer any questions you might have.Please complete the application form which can be found here: