Mid-Level Front-end Responsive Developer

GRAPHIC LANGUAGE We are a distributed 100% remote team of developers and marketers, with a large stable of satisfied clients. We see every project as an opportunity to build or strengthen a partnership with our clients and their customers.

QUALIFICATIONS We teleconference regularly, and Slack almost constantly, so we need someone with proficiency in written and verbal English.

You’ll need to be good at collaborating with teammates, and working with designers as well as clients to discover solutions to their needs.

We are looking for someone with experience building pages and interfaces for phones and tablets, as well as diverse desktop users, including 65+.

At this time, successful applicants will be asked to show proof that they can legally work in the US.

RESPONSIBILITIES You will be working with a cross-functional team of designers, frontend, and backend developers to build device-independent websites and web apps.

You’ll be improving legacy HTML+CSS components, building new web components (for users as well as admin interfaces), and also adding to a design library of reusable components.

You’ll learn and investigate new technologies and techniques, and teach teammates new stuff you’re excited about.

You will need to document your work and keep fairly meticulous records, and we regularly learn and teach each other from this documentation.


  • Creating Responsive pages (especially Mobile)
  • Empathetic interfaces (such as keyboard controls, form markup, and design for A11y)
  • Git (and some comfort with Pull Requests)
  • Javascript (in the browser)
  • CSS (and browser testing)
  • Semantic HTML


  • Vue.js
  • Angular (any version)
  • Proficiency working with a backend technology like Ruby, Python, NodeJS, PHP, or others
  • Proficiency creating/working with APIs using Rails, Django, Angular, Laravel, Codeigniter, or others
  • Transpiling tools like LESS/SASS, Babel/ES6, etc
  • Advanced CSS workflows like BEM, OOCSS, SMACSS
  • Writing automated tests for Javascript and/or browsers (Jasmine, Mocha+Chai, Casper, Selenium, Watir)
  • Proficiency creating interfaces around 3rd-party packages, especially Maps
  • Customizing and hosting mapping tiles (openmaptiles.org, similar)
  • Advanced Accessibility, including screen readers or other assistive technologies