Mobile Application Developer / Co-Founder, GroupsApp

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We are a very early stage company looking to build a group communication application.

There is an opportunity for massive growth with a group communication app and I have identified an opportunity for rapid growth that doesn’t exist in other industries based on over 15 years experience in internet marketing for a fortune 500 company and two successfully acquired startups.

We are looking for a third co-founder to focus on mobile or a contractor to build mobile while the third co-founder works on the web application. We will work as a distributed remote work from home team.

We are considering applicants who are interested in an equity only agreement, a fee based agreement as a contractor or a combination.

Please include in your application which of those three scenarios you are interested in or if you are interested in hearing all three options.

You don’t need to be available full time for this, but must be able to code at least 20 hours per week.

What you will do: Build, maintain and scale the Android and IOS APP.

What the second cofounder is doing: Building, maintaining and scaling the web app, API and database.

The third co-founder responsibilities: Grow the app user base and work on setting up a series A.

What are the next steps:

I will setup a phone call to review designs, user stories and the growth plan with you, to get to know each other and discuss experience.

We will then talk about how long it would take you to build an MVP.

Then, we’ll move forward from there.

Please email your resume to