Product Manager, Bonfire

Company description

Bonfire is an ecommerce platform where anyone can design and sell custom apparel online with a no-inventory campaign-based model. Our users range widely, including nonprofits raising money and building brand awareness, content creators engaging their audiences, individuals launching personal fundraisers and everything in between.

We build software that facilitates just about every aspect of buying or selling custom apparel online. Our UX-heavy modules include our self service merchandise design tool and campaign/store setup flows which dovetail into our highly trafficked campaign pages & checkout flows. We also build for the supply chain & logistics side of our business, with portals and services that serve admin, preproduction, design and fulfillment needs.

Job description

Bonfire is looking for a Product Manager to maintain an initiative-driven portion of the overall product roadmap in service of company and departmental metrics & goals. As part of a rapidly growing and changing company, changing initiatives are likely to require the individual to shift their focus between different parts of the platform, depending on the need.

This individual would work side by side with other product managers, engineers, designers, data specialists, marketers, sales, support & production to solve problems, build software, and above all, prioritize impact.

The ideal candidate would value critical thinking and intellectual honesty and have an insatiable need to continuously improve oneself to learn/navigate new and changing technologies.

Responsibilities include:

  • Working directly with stakeholders around the company to identify, spec & roadmap opportunities
  • Gather and analyze user feedback in all its forms to identify, spec & roadmap opportunities to solve for the customer
  • Maintaining the roadmap through constant reappraisal of impact and ruthless prioritization
  • Work with stakeholders to measure theoretical & actual efficiency gains attributable to projects throughout their lifecycles
  • Coordinate with engineers and product team on the discovery, speccing & project management around items on the roadmap
  • Create or coordinate creation of internal documentation and training materials for our platform & roll out those materials & communicate with stakeholders as needed
  • Contribute to setting of quarterly goals through researching new opportunities and assembling business cases

Ideal candidate should

  • Have experience working with datasets to analyze/answer business questions and/or build business cases
  • Have 2+ years experience in project management, product management, program management, business analyst or a related discipline
  • Have 2+ years experience in ecommerce, saas or a related industry


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