Pre-Sales Solutions Consultant at CommentSold

Welcome to the CS Fam

CommentSold is a social commerce platform that modernizes the way retailers connect to online shoppers, including hosting live sales events and managing day-to-day retail operations. Simply, we help online retailers do less and sell more.

Our team is dispersed throughout the US and Canada, which means we value the diversity and unique collaboration that’s fostered through a remote team. We work incredibly hard for our customers, and believe deeply in our platform’s value. We’re a high energy, high growth team and we love to win.

Technical Sales Consultant

Our Technical Sales Consultants are the technical experts on the Sales team, working with customers with unique technical needs to get started on the CommentSold platform. In this role, you will maintain an in-depth knowledge of our company’s technical products and services and are able to relate this knowledge in a way that is comprehensible to non-technical customers. You will identify and anticipate customer needs and deliver solutions and adaptations that will help us stay ahead of the curve.

In this role, you will…

  • Answer questions and requests via Sales call support
  • Create and administer educational resources to our team and our customers
  • Document Technical/Product Requirements gathering in Customer meetings.
  • Meet with customers to understand their business, and determine if the CommentSold platform is right for them
  • Create new sales and marketing strategies that target B2B customers and positions our products as the best solutions for prospective clients
  • Manage customer relations by soliciting and logging client feedback and evaluating the data we receive through digital channels
  • Identify areas where we can improve customer satisfaction and repeat business, then communicate those issues and possible solutions to upper management
  • Build demo environment for sales calls and deliver customize demos when appropriate
  • Recognize the technical limitations of the product and direct prospects accordingly
  • Prepare and deliver technical presentations explaining products or services to existing and prospective customers

If you’re right for this role, you…

  • Have experience in Jira
  • Have a deep knowledge of retail operations
  • Have experience working with complex Saas products
  • Can explain what an API is with detail and ease
  • Are an excellent project manager
  • Have worked closely with Product/Engineering teams
  • Are inherently analytical – data analysis is your jam
  • Bonus points if you dabble in coding
  • Understand workflows & thrive on creating standardized processes
  • Have excellent sales and customer service skills
  • Love learning and are willing to take things apart piece-by-piece until you know all the intricacies of our product
  • Can anticipate errors in our product features (how it works, where the holes are, how other companies do it, how we can stay ahead of the competition)
  • Have the ability to see limitations and strengths – so we can maximize value
  • Seek opportunities to deliver improvement feedback to our Product & Engineer teams
  • Take responsibility for timelines and process management
  • Have excellent organizational skills and a keen eye for detail

Join CommentSold

At CommentSold, you can work from anywhere thanks to the power of the internet – we put extra effort into our remote culture to ensure we exceed the engagement we all need. We value our team, and show that through competitive salaries and bonus opportunities. Health, dental, vision, and life insurance are available to all full-time employees.

Our platform serves the women’s retail space in a major way – and that’s no coincidence. We’re creating a space for equality across the board, and we support folks of all identities and lifestyles in everything we do. Join CommentSold to live your best life — we’re always excited to grow our team’s perspective. #lovewhereyouwork

We love our values

We’re building a fam, our chosen circle, around a set of values that guide how we work and interact with the world around us. Our cultural norms at work can’t be turned off when the computer’s away — we live these in every part of our lives. Our team isn’t for everyone, so if you’re right for it, the following values should resonate strongly with how you live your life.

We’re intolerant to bad vibes, and genuinely love where we work (and want to keep it that way). We choose our fam by looking beyond a skillset – because roles can change – and surround ourselves with folks we want to spend our lives with.

We aim high and hire smart people to get there — folks that use logic and critical thinking to make the best decisions. We look beyond the problem and quickly build context to come to the right solution; our ever-changing and high-pace environment requires a team of great autonomous thinkers.

When we say “got it,” our team knows we’re owning it, we’re following through, and we’ll deliver beyond expectations. Put the effort into figuring things out yourself (hey, we’re all busy), and actively collaborate if you haven’t Got it; ownership also means knowing when to seek help and to never suffer in silence.

We’re a rare team of folks that genuinely love to work hard because we know that putting in the effort gets the win — we’re the people that started our careers at the lemonade stand. Not at all costs, but we give it our all because our customers are hustling to grow their businesses, and the hustle’s more fun when we’re winning together.

We collaborate for more than the high-fives (although they’re pretty great), and our team thrives on timely and direct feedback. There’s no hesitation in being direct; since we’re surrounded by smart people, we embrace thoughtful and challenging perspectives.