Ruby on Rails Developer

Job summary

A Ruby on Rails developer position building a platform for event planners, event suppliers, and venues with a strong distributed team.

Job description

ThymeBase is a project management web application for event planners, vendors, and clients. Our mission is to help independent businesses work together to put on exceptional events for their clients. Our focus is on improved organization and communication. We’ve spent months working with planners and event vendors and suppliers to get to the heart of their workflow and build the tools they need. We’re a fully distributed team and value our remote work. We communicate frequently but give each other the space to be ourselves.

About our team:

We’re a seriously strong team with meaningful startup experience including scaling up, and exits as founders. We have realistic expectations, and good vibes. The founding team is strong, has experience working remotely, and has expertise in the event industry, software development, business, and marketing. We’re based in USA, Israel, Nigeria, Benin, and South Africa.

What we’re working on:

We’re building a brand new platform for event planners, vendors, and venues. We’re building out the initial infrastructure and features to delight our customers and help them grow their businesses. Work includes mostly back-end development and third-party integrations.

Our customers love us, and we work hard to build something they find genuinely useful. We work closely with customers to ensure everything we build impacts their lives positively.

Here’s what customers say about us:

ThymeBase has taken the time to get to know event planners and their needs. They’ve built this platform from listening. I love that the ThymeBase team is always looking for ways to innovate to do more for planners to make our lives more organized, easy, and less hectic.

How you will help:

As a Rails engineer, you’ll help us create delightful user experiences with back-end development, and integration efforts. You will work with our distributed team of Developers, Product Owners, UX, and UI designers to build and scale a young application. We’re open to applications from anywhere in the world.

Job requirement:

  • You have 5 or more years experience contributing to production applications and teams..
  • You have 3 or more years of relevant production experience developing with Ruby and Ruby on Rails (bonus points if you’ve published gems).
  • You’re comfortable working with and modelling data abstractions on top of a RDMS like Postgresql or MySQL
  • You have a non-trivial understanding of Redis
  • You’re comfortable working on the front-end and the back-end.
  • You’re experienced with modern JS (ES6) and CSS (SASS).
  • You’re based in an EU/African time zone.
  • You’re comfortable working remotely.
  • You’re happy working with Git and GitHub/GitLab using related workflows.
  • You have opinions about other languages and when they’re the right tool for the job.

Our stack

  • Ruby on Rails
  • StimulusJS & Stimulus Reflex
  • Postgresql
  • Redis


The salary will be discussed based on your local market rates, and your unique experience.


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