Sales Development Representative at Dyspatch

Sales Development Representative (SDR) – (United States)

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Dyspatch is looking for a highly motivated Sales Development Representative to accelerate our sales process. Reporting to the Director of Sales, you’ll make connections with new leads, learn about the pain points they have in their current process, and explain how Dyspatch can solve them. You’ll generate demand, interest, and excitement for Dyspatch while creating a steady pipeline of prospects.

As a Sales Development Representative you’ll jump into our CRM to manage our top of funnel. You’ll also have some experience explaining a technical product and the ability to manage your time efficiently to juggle multiple priorities. The right candidate will have successfully managed a list of at least 50 -100 SQLs in the past – make sure to highlight this experience in your application.

If you’re excited about helping our prospective customers to streamline their entire email creation process, we would love to hear from you!

Contractor Compensation: USD $65,000 – 85,000 OTE

If you’re based in the United States we can work with you as a contractor, and we have included additional pay in lieu of benefits in our USD compensation amount. We’re based in Canada and can directly hire folks who have a Canadian SIN and currently live in Canada. If that’s you, check out our Canadian posting.

The majority of our working hours are currently based in the Pacific time zone, and we ask that you are able to have some overlap with us – both for meetings and for connection.

In The First 3 Months, You’ll…

  • Learn our CRM workflow and how to use it in your day-to-day.
  • Learn our lead sources.
  • Learn Dyspatch’s sales flow.
  • Get to know the Dyspatch product, our terminology, and the sales communication funnel.
  • Start to manage the MQL and SQL pipeline.
  • Follow-up with warm and cold leads through phone calls and email.
  • Be the first point of contact when a lead reaches out to request a demo and successfully connect with them to schedule the demo with our Sales team.
  • Follow up post demo with leads in the SQL and SAL pipeline.
  • Work closely with the Customer Success and Marketing teams for onboarding.

In The First 12 Months, You’ll…

  • Take ownership of the MQL and SQL pipeline.
  • Transition to SAL pipeline management, as you settle into the role.
  • Proactively communicate with leads to ensure a high level of engagement.
  • Be well versed in the Dyspatch platform and understand the problems we solve for our customers.
  • Maintain strong communication with our Customer Success team to help respond to customer inquiries.
  • Maintain a strong feedback loop with the Marketing team regarding messaging, outbound outreach, and drip development.